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Cave Dwelling

July 27, 2005

Mood: Sophisticated
Song: "Brown-Eyed Girl"

Red is the color of the day, in honor of my new and improved hairstyle. My husband and I arrived in L.A. yesterday and spent the night at the home of our close friends Miriam and Anthony. Tony was studying for a PA test, so we helped by taking on the role of patients in various scenarios (I, unfortunately, was an 18-year old high school football star suffering from migranes. I won't even mention Mir's symptoms. Today we dropped Charles off in Hemet, then Mir and I proceeded to spend a girl day at the Aveda salon, complete with *phenomenal* lavender mint tea from the Coffee Bean/Tea Leaf. Quite extraordinary. Life as a redhead is, so far, pretty much the same compared to life as a brunette, but then again the color looks pretty natural. I guess I shouldn't have admitted the color and you'd never know. My secret's certainly out. I also got at least 10 inches trimmed off my hair, leaving it just below shoulder length (still technically long, I know, but I'm pretty freaked out about how short it is). My newly layered locks are exceptionally curly as well. If I'm able, I'll post a picture from my phone. Miriam looks, by the way, just like a mod child from the '60's.

By the way, the cave is my dad's refuge from the world of poker-I drove 100 miles tonight, so you can imagine how exhausted I am. More news as events warrant.


here's the back porch (1 of 3) of our new apartment.

and here's the inside (our living room). If the camera had been lower you would have seen my own personal garbage scow (my Sheltie, Rosie). In the past 2 days, she's gotten into:

1 bag of my husband's favorite salmon jerky
1 entire container of cherry tomatoes
1 bag of grapes (poisonous for dogs in large dose, but she seems fine)
1 bag movie popcorn kernals



July 25, 2005

I'm getting on a plane in 1 hour to see Miriam and Rebecca 🙂 (oh, and my mother in law as well 🙂 ). I'll post updates as I'm able to. La La land here we come! I hate flying, by the way (well, it's actually the potential for crashing from 3,200 ft which has me a bit apprehensive), but "all will be well, all will be well, all manner of things will be well" Don't ask me about the curse of Southwest- Oh, and apparently it's a good thing I've been sticking to Weight Watchers. 103 lbs. and counting