May 1, 2007

Is anybody there?  What is it about little things like moving and changing jobs that leave one feeling disconnected?  Unless my hit counter lies, you’re out there :).  It’d be nice to know you, faceless audience.  With that, I throw words into the void; I wonder what I’ll catch ;). 

I agree with Ms. O’Hara of Gone With the Wind fame-  “Tomorrow is another day.”  Or, to quote Macbeth, “Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow creeps in its petty pace from day to day.”  Perhaps I should stop reading Prufrock :D.



  1. merow? I can’t wait to visit you in your new place!! 🙂

  2. “A man said to the universe: ‘Sir, I exist!’ ‘However,’ replied the universe. ‘The fact has not created in me a sense of obligation.'” –Stephen Crane

    Nevertheless, I still read here… 😉

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