Tempus Fugit, Or Make Haste Slowly

January 5, 2007

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Reader beware; I am no prophet.  From me you shall hear no clarion call to action.  My  aspirations are far more humble in origin.  Resoultions can be found elsewhere (see myspace); allow me, however, to present my wishlist for the next 360 days. 

1.  I’d love to see Charles established in the career he’s been called to.  He will finish his Paramedic program and possibly even immerse himself in opportunities as a volunteer firefighter.  For myself, I stand poised at a crossroads; I know the type of career I’m suited for but the specifics still elude me.  By the end of 2007, I intend to be much more prepared to balance work and family. 

2. We will straigten out our finances and finally implement some of the strategies we’ve discussed (i.e. saving at least 3-6 months worth of essential expenses).  A more proactive and cautiously risky management of our portfolio will put us in a position to possibly purchase our first house by the end of the year.  In addition, we will significantly reduce the amount still outstanding on the Green Lantern (Charles’s truck). 

3. Getting myself into the best possible shape mentally and physically will start us down the path to beginning our family.  Essentially, I need less stress and more productive outlets for the stress I carry.  I’m concerned about my tendency to “sweat the small stuff”, as my mother would say. Charles and I will make a conscious effort to incorporate more quality time with each other every week; after all, proximity  is no replacement for honest conversation.        

4. I will progress towards maintaining (and strengthening) healthy relationships.  I complain often enough about feeling isolated, and if we end up moving I truly will be set adrift.  This introvert has every intention of reaching out before I stagnate.  

In order to follow the yellow brick road, the next 12 months should involve (thanks to Jennifer Wright for the idea of being specific): 

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By January 31st, 2007

*Earn my EMT-B certificate

*Lose the 10 lbs I’ve gained since my wedding (2/wk)

*Begin a year-long inductive Bible Study

*Consistently exercise 5 days/wk for 40-50 minutes

*Have $300 saved in each savings account

*Track expenses for the purpose of starting a budget

*Plan Valentine’s Day activities

 *Write Christmas thank-you notes

*Narrow down areas to consider moving

By February 28th, 2007

*Cook at least 3 healthy dinners per week

*Track down 12 job leads in Flagstaff/the Pacific Northwest

*Do something thoughtful for Charles each day

*Scrapbook (finally!) all wedding photos

*Plan Mom’s birthday celebration

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 By March 31st, 2007

*Have the house packed up and ready to move

*Explore and apply for teaching options

*Replace all worn out summer items with (reasonably priced) new-to-me garments

*Have an apartment secured for April 1st

*Have a job secured for the next several months

*Find an appropriate (and reasonable) Easter dress

*Discover a delicious Passover dessert recipe

*Finish creating my teaching quilt

By April 30th, 2007

*Be unpacked (mostly) and settled into the new apartment

*Make decisions about the investment portfolio and determine new advisors.

*Plan our second anniversary

*Complete taxes and file on time

*Plant a summer/fall garden

By May 31st, 2007

*Write an article to be published in some sort of scholarly journal

*Reevaluate budget to make sure it’s realistic

*Join some sort of fitness/health club with access to swimming facilities

*Be at and maintain my goal weight

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 By June 30th, 2007

*Have a minimum of 6 months of expenses saved up

*Take at least one road trip with my sweetie

*Prepare a picnic lunch and eat it at the local library/park

*Swim twice a week

*Register for/select classes for fall semester

By July 31st, 2007

*Sort through fall/winter clothes and begin saving for replacements.  Mend all garments that are not in good shape

*Write a sequence of poems that fit a theme

*Start saving for Christmas presents

*Plan a summertime tea for book club

*Read at least three new (to you) classics

 *Organize all bills and paperwork

By August 31st, 2007

*Host a Labor Day Barbeque

*Be active in a church music program/Sunday School program and help begin planning the Christmas musical

*Read at least ten books for pleasure

*Begin (or continue) working on the novel with Brooke

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By September 30th, 2007

*Begin yoga classes (or pilates) weekly

*Practice and perfect 5 new types of balloon animals for the Fall Festival

*Come up with Christmas list and begin pricing items

* Take time off for and book Thanksgiving tickets

By October 31st, 2007

*Purchase Christmas cards and begin printing address labels

*Scout for Thanksgiving recipes

*Go for a hayride and make homemade apple cider

*Decorate for Fall

*Read a philosophical treatise and write a review

*Journal daily and blog daily

By November 30th, 2007

*Bake a maple pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving

*Compose a list of “gratefuls” and some non-traditional Thanksgiving activities

*Complete Christmas shopping and wrap presents

*Create 2007’s Christmas letter and complete Christmas cards

*Practice flute Christmas carols

*Research Christmas traditions/activities for next month

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By December 31st, 2007

*Plan for Charles’s birthday, 2008 edition

*Bake Christmas goodies and plan Christmas Eve menu

*Book tickets for a trip to L.A. to see Charles’s family

*Maintain goal weight and reevaluate exercise program

*Revamp 2007 resolutions and purchase 2008 planner/calendar


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