*I’m Not Really a Waitress*

January 22, 2006

But that IS the nailpolish color I'm considering painting my fingernails right about now. It's a Sunday evening, I've got all of my grading finished, and I even have lesson plans complete for this next week! Being home this past week HAS had it's advantages.

In other news, I've been spending entirely too much time on myspace. If you're on myspace, look me up :). I love finding old friends and new. If you're not, then by all means back away from this page and open a myspace account :). Then you can look me up, etc. Since so many of my students are on myspace, I'm not mentioning this blog there. Some parts of a teacher's private life should clearly be kept private.

By the way, do you think anyone would notice if I drove this to school tomorrow?

Mood: Quixotic
Song: "We Didn't Start the Fire"-Pun very much intended, thank you 🙂

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