Prufrock Blues…

December 17, 2005

Mood: Distracted

Song: "Don't Worry"

What I SHOULD be doing:

1) walking her majesty, the Sheltie

2) reading through 150 seventh grade essays (if I can stay awake, that is 🙂 )

3) calling friends

4) writing thank-you notes

5) beginning to make my dinner (Charles is working tonight)

6) preparing for classes Monday and Tuesday

7) e-mailing my dad

8) making my Christmas list

9) writing Christmas cards

10) baking batches and batches of Christmas cookies

11) balancing the checkbook

What I AM actually doing:

1) taking ridiculous online quizzes

2) watching a Christmas movie

3) thinking about getting up 😉

4) downloading i-Tunes music

5) finally editing my mypace profile

6) looking at Herman, our beautiful first Christmas tree

7) lighting my yummy cinnamon candles

8) blogging (obviously)

9) searching for new glitter graphics

10) exploring recipes for gingerbread ice-cream on foodnetwork.com


One comment

  1. haha well at least you have a list of what to do. i’ve yet to even make that list.

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