Turkey Ad Infinitum, Ad Nauseum

November 26, 2004

Happy Shopping

Mood: humble
Song: "Give Thanks"

After two…count them, TWO Thanksgiving dinners yesterday, I am convinced that I will never be hungry again (thank you, Scarlet O'Hara). My sweetie and I were able to spend Turkey Day together after all, and I couldn't be happier. Every time I see him, I love him more deeply, more passionately than I thought possible. I can't WAIT for May. Then again, there's always Las Vegas. Not that everything's perfect…I discovered this weekend that I have issues (not that those of you who know me didn't already have an awareness of that fact). Thanks be to God, C. and I were able to have some *serious* discussions. It's not necessarily solved, but I realized that I have a pattern of not trusting, based on reasons which are too complex and detailed to get into right now. He doesn't deserve a fiancee who detaches from him, and it frustrates me as well. Pray hard, but know that things are going well right now.

Now that Thanksgiving is past for another year (except for turkey leftovers at my aunt's tonight and "Thansgiving part deux at my stepdad's family for Christmas), I have compiled the following and comprehensive list of "gratefuls". More will be added in a clearly untimely fashion:

***the ability to breathe***my loving Heavenly Father***a workable relationship with my earthly father***loving and being loved***sparkliness***starriness***elephants-reminders that God really does have a sense of humor***Charles Michael, for his ability to know me intimately and love me despite myself***Miriam Grace with her compassion and brilliance***Rebecca Ann, for teaching me patience and the value of integrity***Renee Michelle, a living demonsration that people really can change, God willing***Amanda Catherine, with her ability to create a Christmas ornament that distinctly resembles a fetal pig***Kimberly Lynn, for her demonstration that you actually can like your family and for her sense of style***Evan Franklin, my cousin/brother (no, not what you're thinking-honestly, those evil minds…I consider him to be like my brother ;)***occasional Faerie Queene Book 1 dreams***my fuzzy vaccum cleaner, Rosie Jane***books, books, books***Shakespeare's language***freedom to choose with responsibility to choose wisely***reminders of heaven***cooler weather***the beauty (now that I can actually SEE it) of the desert in winter***my mom and stepdad, for showing me that people don't always leave***my father, because I have learned through him to love unconditionally***Vrinda/Brenda, since she and I are different as day and night, but we understand eachother somehow***Tejas, my little brother, for his wicked sense of humor :)***shelter***food***neat clothes in normal sizes that actually fit***only 6 months 'til the wedding***the confusion of realizing that you don't know everything after all***the ability to feel*** 🙂

It's okay if you're confused 🙂 🙂 🙂

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