Dearest Friend

November 17, 2004

Beloved Charles:"Dearest Friend"

That's what John Adams and his wife Abigail called each other, and I am blessed to share that bond with you.

Since we met:
11 months, appx. 330 days, 7920 hours, 475,200 minutes (give or take a few ;)-remember, I'm an English major, not a math major).

In almost exactly 6 months, I will be your wife.

It was in darkness that you left me, love,
With a kiss I can still feel in my toes,

Warming me even now.Your words, taped on my mirror,
were sweeter still.
You are home,
your presence lingers here.
My thoughts fly apart,
To that day
Two will be one.

You think you are weak…

yet you have the strength to live virtuously in a world full of evil and shame.

You think you are unattractive…

yet your soul shines brighter than any star I've seen, calling me from a distance.

You think you are unlearned…

yet you read me perfectly when I don't know myself.

You think you don't have the proper words to speak…

yet you are listening with your heart, cuttingthrough my endless supply of words.

You think you are impatient…

yet injustice must be swiftly ended.

I love you, more than I ever thought possible, and in you I understand that "to love another person IS to see the face of God".

When you ask me how I can love you, I tell you that it is because Love Himself has loved me and then given you to me, and you are infinitely valuable

On this night, as I think of you, the words of an old, familiar song come to mind.
I share it with you now:

Geoff Moore and the Distance
If You Could See

All of my life, I have dreamed
That somehow love would find me
Now I can't believe you're standing here
If beauty is all in the eye
Of the beholder
Then I wish you could see
The love for you that lives in me

And you would know you have my heart
If you could see,
What I see:
That a treasure's what you are

If you could see
What I see
Created to be
The only one for me.
If you could see,
What I see

I know there are days when you feel
So much less than ideal
Wondering what I see in you.
It's all of the light and the grace;
Your belief in me drives me to say
That I promise you
A faithful love, forever true


If you could see,
Then you'd understand
Why I fall down to my knees
And I pray my love
Will be worthy of
The one who gave his life
So our love could be.
If you could see what I see (x2)
You're created to be
The perfect one for me

If you could see
What I see.

If beauty is all in the eye
Of the beholder, then I
Am beholding…
True beauty.


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