Pumpkin Bread, Pumpkin Ravioli, Pumpkin Muffins, and Pumpkin ICE CREAM!!!!

October 16, 2004

Mood: Content

Song: "On Fire"-Switchfoot.

So I'm at work on a Saturday-Your point is??? 🙂

Here's where I'm at emotionally right now: It's not always a very pretty place but then again…





so often the beauty in this life

cannot be observed with the naked eye

because our sight organs simply aren't strong

enough. "I have learned", the Apostle Paul tells us,

"in whatever situation I am to be content. I know how to

be brought low, and I know how to abound. In any and every

circumstance, I have learned the secret of facing plenty and hung-

er, abundance and need. I can do all things through him who streng-

thens me" (Philipians 4:11-13, NESV). I have to admit-that verse used

to irritate me greatly when I was a child. I remember Sunday mornings

when all of us children would sing the-I'm sorry to confess it-annoying

song set to those words, and to this day I have trouble getting the

tune out of my mind. As I become a chronological adult, I have

to admit that I'm still no closer to discovering Paul's secret.

It seems at times, as Dickens's Ebeneezer Scrooge says

so eloquently, that the littlest things can affect us-

getting a *light* pumpkin spice Frap at Star-

bucks or reading your fiancee's blog to

discover that he misses you tons

Those are the things that can turn a day compeltely around; they are reminders of how very much we have to be grateful for. I'm enjoying the cooler weather (90 degrees is STILL much better than 110-almost sweter weather for us Phonecians). I love Charles; watching him grow in so many ways has been one of the most amazing experiences and I can't wait to become his wife. I love my family, and even though we know exactly how to push each other's buttons, God has blessed me with thier support. Taking small steps in the right direction (not reacting in anger when someone hurts me, choosing a cup of grapes instead of the Hob Nobs I'd MUCH rather have, not stressing about completing my assignments perfectly…), I will learn to eagerly anticipate finding out where God will lead me and discovering the person he is slowly shaping me into. That said, I will return to my million-item to do list :). Did I mention that, even though I missed out on Sonic Peach Slushes this year, I'm really glad it's October so I can fill up on all the pumpkiny items my heart desires?


  1. You need help

  2. No, what I need is my fiancee time!!!! (That and a peach slush from Sonic-yes, I am still VERY bitter :P)

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