You Know It’s Some Night When…

October 5, 2004

Mood: Resilient, which is about all a person can say when they feel like their sinuses have been run over by an SUV

Song: “I Will Survive” (I am so terrible at knowing who sings songs :D)

I look at the stars and know there is a God…how could there not be when he placed such gorgeous sparkly diamonds in the expanse of the heavens to testify to his presence? They winked at me, flickering amidst the velvety blue curtain of the firmament. Thankfully, I live somewhere I can still see them (for the moment at least).

Blogs are great, but they only reveal part of what’s going on. Like tonight, for instance; I could tell you I’m supposed to be at class right now (truth #1). I could also say that I hate having allergies (truth #2). When your own body turns against you, you KNOW it’s a problem.

On another note, a situation I’ve been fretting about seems to be steadily getting worse. For one of the few times in my (still rather short) life, I have no words-although you have probably realized that I’m doing a pretty good job of filling in the page right now.

I guess that I have one masculine quality: I like to fix things. When a friend is in need, I want to be there with every fibre of my being…and I can’t. You’d think 5 hours would be close enough, but 300 miles seems a world away tonight.

I’m sitting here typing primarily becuase, after I gave my technology presentation in (sorry, I have to say it…waste of time Methods of Teaching Grammar class), the instructor said, “If you’re not feeling well, you really should go home and rest”. I told her I didn’t want my participation points affected, and she assured me that since I wasn’t looking well she wouldn’t hold it against me. I didn’t wait for a second invitation.

I know that I should care about integrating technology into the classroom, but honestly-why does she think we’re required to take an ENTIRE SEMESTER CLASS covering technology integration????

Anyhow, I’m sitting here right now at work (I love cable modems) typing this reflection, missing LA LA land terribly, and wishing I could do more than remind my suffering friend that “weeping endures for the night, but joy (silently, suddenly, unexpectedly) comes in the morning”.

Why is it that trouble appears to us with the gale force of a hurricane while peace is as fragile as the wolf-gray clouds I see out the window?


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