We’ll Speak of Many Things…Like Chocolate Chips and High School Guidance Counselors

October 4, 2004

Mood: impatient
Song: "Memories"

Today at 3:40 I'll be having coffee with my high school guidance counselor.

It's odd being friends with your counselor, let me tell you ;). Mrs. W. always has been amazing, though, and she's the one who encouraged me to go into teaching in the first place.

I'm back at my old high school, Saguaro (not to be confused with Sahuaro in Phoenix, which happened at more band events than I'd care to recall :)). It's such a trip to be able to park in the teacher's lot.

I had quite a few "interesting" teachers in my high school career, and thank GOODNESS most of them have retired.
I vividly recall:
*Mr. M., our band director with a glass eye; he used to throw it at students when he was really upset with us-either that or music stands he used to bend with his bare hands.
*Mrs. K., the English teacher whose first day of school speech was, and I kid you not, "by the end of this semester you will have worked your tail off, you will hate me and everyone in your research paper group, and you will learn why I earned the nickname 'Killer'". The scariest part was that she MEANT it.
*Mr. P, who used to give us daily updates on the color underwear he was wearing.

SO…I'm going into teaching WHY, again? ;).

Well, I'd probably better take stock of the lessons I've learned since high school graduation

Lessons I've Learned:
*The best way to take over the world is by creating your own language.
*People only want you to be honest up to a point-most of them never get beyond “fine”
*Having a fiancée (or finance, as my mother calls him 😉 ) in another state is HORRIFIC!
*Healthy attitudes towards food are easier thought of than practiced.
*Chocolate chip cookie torture (no nuts, of course) really works.
*Just about any grammatical principle can be illustrated with sentences about elephants.
*Veritas est filia temporis (truth is the daughter of time)


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