Oh, That’s Right-It’s Confession, Contrition, THEN Restitution

October 4, 2004

Mood: pensive
Song: "Friends" by Michael W. Smith

Why is it that those who look like they have everything together are usually just about to implode?

I have decided to join the wonderful world of blogging not because I think that my thoughts are necessarily worth being preserved, but to get them out of my head ;).

I spoke with Mir last night, and it was truly refreshing…Montaigne was DEFINITELY delusional when he said that women couldn't be truly friends because thier souls aren't big enough. I must have forgotten to take my scoff medication, because I'm still chuckling over that one.

I've never met someone with a larger soul. Mir is brilliant, but it is her compassion that makes friendship with her glorious. I wish that her life wasn't such a roller coaster right now, but I pray that God will give her strength to bear with the path she has chosen.

I'm at my internship right now, and I've got 30 seniors waiting anxiously (yeah, right 😉 ) to discuss Canterbury Tales.

Chaucer may not make you laugh hysterically as you're reading, but when you realize that, yes, he really IS being that bawdy, he can actually be quite amusing (c.f. "The Miller's Tale" for proof) :).


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